Theatre Production: A Small Dot On The Western Front (2016)

  • Date 10-14 February 2016
This is the story of Dorothy Lawrence, the only woman to serve in the British Army in France during World War 1. Determined to be a war correspondent, Dorothy cycled from London to the war on a bicycle. Repeatedly turned away, she obtained a uniform and mingled with the Tommies, one of whom took her laying mines under No Man’s Land. Once her gender was revealed, it caused explosions of a very different kind.

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Angela in rehearsals

The poster designed by John Mundy

10-14 February 2016

Vauxhall Tea House Theatre, London

This is a development of the 2014 short film made by Hurcheon Films (found elsewhere on this website), and it was designed to be a writing and acting showcase. One of the 75-minute performances of this one-woman show was filmed and will be available on line in June 2016. Please contact us for the link.

It is now being developed as a feature film with A D Cooper as the writer.

Dorothy on her bicycle

Putting on the puttees

The lady adventuress dons her uniform

Dorothy goes laying mines under No Man’s Land

The cast & crew

Dorothy: Angela Ferns Writer, producer & director: A D Cooper Stage Manager: Louise Gregory Pianist: Ian Brown Publicity Assistant: Danny Baldwin