NEW Associate Short Film Production: Playing Away

A short film from the award-winning script by Steve Langridge. This commission came in via Film Expo South who had run a short script competition with the prize of the film being made. It was filmed in Hampshire using almost entirely local crew.

Producers: Gillian Tully, A.D. Cooper
Director: A.D. Cooper
Script Editor: A.D. Cooper
Cinematographer: David Cawley
Casting Director: Mandy Steele
Music: Matt Black
South Design: John Wood

  • For Film Expo South
  • Date 2022

The trailer. The 14-minute film itself is behind a password to protect its festival qualification status. Please contact us for a secure link if you want to see it.

A couple escape for a day to recapture the joys of their first date.

This was an associate production with Film Expo South who ran a script competition in late 2021. The prize for this was production of the film and Hurcheon Films provided script editing as a sponsor. A.D. Cooper went on to direct and co-produce this short bringing in long time collaborators John Wood for sound design and mixing and Gary Tobyn to finesse the edit.

Nominated for Best Short Film. Announced 25 January.

A tribute to the director from the Director of Photography via Instagram.

Hurcheon Films supported this award-winning script through production with A.D. Cooper directing it for Film Expo South. This is now complete and starting its festival round.

The short is currently on the festival round after premiering at Psst! Silent Film Festival in November 2022.